anatomy and physiology mcqs

Focuses on the fundamental principles underlying physiology, rather than obsessing over details. Emphasises concepts in mathematics, physics and chemistry that allow physiology to be understood rather than memorised.
A well organised and concise source for key facts, figures and explanations written in question-and-answer format. A very useful book.
A sound general physiology textbook. Excellent section on the cardiovascular system.
Comprehensive yet readable: a good general textbook.
Another perfectly adequate textbook.
The classic monograph on electrophysiology, giving a detailed mathematical account from the level of the single ion channel to the whole tissue. Emphasises experimental detail.
Exceptionally clear coverall of all aspects of nerve and muscle physiology. Rich in theoretical and experimental detail yet highly lucid. A pleasure to read.
The latest edition of this well loved classic on cardiovascular physiology. Well organised with excellent diagrams.
The ultimate and most complete anatomy textbook. A fantastic resource, but be warned it is extremely detailed!
This book is a must have. Contains a comprehensive set of images that are essential for learning and revision.
A good basis for any anatomy course. Includes useful clinical detail and comprehensive tables summarising key groups of muscles, nerves and blood vessels.
This book reads as if you are being taught by the great man himself. Perfect for a relaxing read in the evening.
A reasonably priced book with useful clear diagrams.
A thorough introduction to human embryology. Has some fantastic pictures.
A well written and detailed embryology textbook. Contains clear diagrams and useful clinical information.