anatomy and physiology mcqs

Question #443

Considering muscles of the leg, which of the following statements is true?

Fibularis longus is found in the lateral compartment. Its tendon passes posterior to the lateral malleolus and takes an oblique course across the sole of the foot grooving the cuboid bone before inserting into the medial cuneiform. Due to its course it both everts the foot and plantarflexes. This the opposite of tibialis anterior which also inserts into the medial cuneiform but as its tendon passes anterior to the medial malleolus it dorsiflexes and inverts. These two muscles can therefore be considered as antagonists.

The superficial peroneal nerve supplies the lateral compartment of the leg therefore damage will result in weakness of eversion. In addition it supplies sensation to the dorsum of the foot excluding the first dorsal webspace which is innervated the the deep peroneal nerve.

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