anatomy and physiology mcqs

Question #46

While on a transatlantic flight a middle aged gentleman collapses in front of you. Being a conscientious medical student you attempt to check his pulse remembering ...

Structures in the antecubital fossa lying deep to the bicipital aponeurosis can be remembered as TAN. Starting laterally is the biceps Tendon, then the brachial Artery, and finally medially lies the median Nerve.

Advanced Trauma and Life Support Guidelines state that if the carotid pulse is palpable systolic blood pressure is 60-70mmHg; if the carotid and femoral pulses are palpable this is 70-80mmHg; if the radial pulse is palpable then systolic blood pressure is more than 80mmHg. Although these are commonly used guidelines there are no good studies to support these figures.

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